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Training should serve a purpose, from getting you lean, jacked, strong, coming back from an injury, or just getting tough mentally and physically, it has to fit the outcome. 

I don’t coach based on being competitive, this isn’t a high intensity workout where you’re trying to beat the members around you, this is about making yourself better.

It all starts with mobility, this training will help increase your range of motion, so you can move pain free, through stretching, yoga based techniques, and dialed in warmups/

We get strong through resistance, and kettlebells help us do that better than any other tool when our goal is to be bulletproof, resilient, and injury free. We use complexes, putting together different movements in sequence, and we us main lifts, like squats, carries, presses, and pulls.

Coupled with body weight movements like pushups, pullups, jumps, and various other movement flows techniques, I promise you the focus will be on improvement every day, yet you’ll work hard, sweat, and be a lean and strong human capable of taking on life!

It wouldn’t be complete without taking few minutes every day to breathe, and this is a necessary part of getting our mind right every day as well.

About Me


I am Ryan Parr, a Father, a Husband, an Athlete, and an Entrepreneur.

I recently relocated to Colorado Springs where I am continuing my career as a coach. You will see me running seminars, programs, kettle bell classes, and see me running on trails, and hitting the gym regularly.

Fitness and strength have always been a part of my life. From starting Martial arts at 5 years old, school sports, hitting the weight room for football. I've done the big box gym thing where I just followed routines from the fitness magazines, I found bodybuilding and powerlifting, then Strongman, then CrossFit. I coached for 5 years, I was a personal trainer, I run High School Athlete programs, I've worked with a Class AA High school varsity Football team, and through it all I want only to better those I come across and help them grow stronger in life.

My story has been told countless times by countless people, in many different ways.

While my version has it's own quirks, this is a story that is known well, whether it happened to me, you, or anyone else that finds themselves in a place of looking for something better, trying to see the larger picture, striving to be the best version of themselves in their own eyes, not what others think they should be.

I got into fitness to be jacked and awesome. It has seen many iterations over time, I've been bodybuilder, powerlifter, crossfitter, strongman, I've even dabbled in endurance sports. What I've come to learn over the past fifteen plus years in this industry though, is that there are common themes, common needs, and it's very easy to get caught up into forming yourself into a mold rather than embracing training for what it is, a way to make your vessel, your body, into it's own most capable version.

This is my calling. 

In every venture, I am a guide. 

I offer solutions, insight, a listening ear, and pose questions for you to ask yourself about what your true goals are in life and in the fitness world, then together, we find ways to help you grow stronger, both physically and mentally.

I believe it is important to not make separate the mind and body, the thought processes and the actions, that food and movement and training should be done out of love for the body you're given, not out of distaste for lack of conforming to what you believe it should be.

Don't be a flash in the pan, burn slow, steady, and have a mind for your health as a whole. 

Mind, Body, Thought, Movement, Awareness, Love, we each can decide in our own way what life means, and the lens we view it through.

I am approachable, and I love making new friends that want to share in the journey of seeking to thrive in all aspects of our lives.

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."

Jim Rohn