4 Week Strength and Size

4 Week Strength and Size


4 Days a week of direct strength work, designed to get you in and out in an hour or less. Complete with movement prep warmups, multifaceted compound strength circuits, and accessory lifts to build overall strength and help build that capable physique.

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This is an intermediate program, for those that have at least a year experience lifting. This is not a powerlifting program, or a bodybuilding program, but takes aspects of each to help you become a stronger, more muscular and well balanced athlete. This program is for those that want the strength that comes from heavy lifting, but can't afford to spend half the day in the gym, and can't spend days feeling beat up from their training, because life has to happen in between. 

You can expect to spend at least 10 minutes on a dedicated warmup meant to keep you mobile, and also prep the body for the day.

There will be a large compound lift for the day, usually set in circuit fashion with complimentary lifts, this way you achieve a greater amount of work in less time.

Some days have dedicated condition, but from a strength standpoint. Don;t expect to be running and doing burpees, this is a strength program.