Custom Programming

Custom Programming

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Customized Programming is for those that have an area they would like to excel at, and have found that standard programs written for anyone aren’t specific enough for their needs. This is a great option for any competitive athlete, someone with a limitation due to injury, or someone who hasn’t found much success in pre written programs.

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Available in 4, 8, and 12 week options, custom programming starts with a Video call to go over goals, limitations, as well as a very in depth intake questionnaire designed to help me know you and your needs as an athlete.

Custom Programming can be for a variety of different modalities, such as strength, conditioning, sport specific, such as Powerlifting, Strongman, CrossFit, Obstacle Course Racing, or may be a mix, depending on our conversations surrounding your goals.

You can be sure to expect a specific warmup and movement prep addressing weak points, and a comprehensive program delivering the minimal effective dose, as is the Bear Bones Strength ethos.

You can expect to work, leaving just enough in the tank to recover and work another day.

Cost includes video chat, and full program delivered as a PDF within 1 week of video call,to be scheduled after purchase.