HPC x 3

Weighted Sit Up x 8

Your Last 3-4 sets of HPC should be at about the same weight, something you can hit cleanly, weight the setup however it works, hold a medicine ball, a db, whatever you have, you can anchor the feet


Floor Press x 10,8,5,5,5

Chin Up x MAX

Use Barbell on the floor press, find a heavy set of 5, go for broke on the chins

In 10 Minutes

Sandbag Carry x 100ft

10 Slam Ball over Lunge

8 Plyo Pushups over Ball

For the slam ball, step forward to a lunge position, back knee about 6-8 inches away from ground, slam ball over the front leg with an explosive downward twist.

For the pushups, one hand stays on the ball for the rep, then push up explosively over and switch hands.

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