11.23 Grit

You’ll Need a pull Up Bar for today

If you can’t do pull-ups, do ring or recline rows, or put your feet on a box to help assist you in getting pullups

Start By working on accumulating 1:00 in a dead hang hold

Then :30/ Side single arm hold

Then You’ll have the following work:

10 Rounds:

10 Jumping Lunges/ Leg

10 Pushups

5 Strict Pullups

When you’re done, whatever time you have left in a 20 Minute window will be spent accumulating as many burpees as possible.

More than 100 Burpees = You’re done for the day

80-100 = go for a half Mile run

50-80 = Half Mile Run + 50 Mountain Climbers

Less than 50 = Half Mile Run + 50 Mountain Climbers + The rest of the burpees to make it to 50 reps

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