Today, we deadlift! The rep scheme brings us to a heavy single, which is meant to be a new 1 rep max, but instead just a heavy set of 1 for the day.  In part 2 the goblet squats are meant for volume, and to be done with a very controlled negative, as well as the ring rows, think time under tension! Our conditioning is hard fast and heavy, and the finisher is 2 minutes of nonstop movement with the those dumbbells! Leave a comment about how your training went!



Deadlift 6,5,4,3,2,1

Band High Pull x 12

:20 per side, side planks


Kettlebell Goblet Pause Squat x 10

Ring Row with Pause x 8

10 Min, max rounds

Sand bag over the shoulder x 5

Sled or prowler sprint x 100ft

Hand to Hand KB Swing x 20


2 Minutes Max DB Man Makers

Ryan ParrComment