We start today off with being powerful and explosive with the power clean. Sets of 3 here, climb in weight, but make it pretty. Feel free to drop the bar after every rep, these don't have to be touch and go.

The Dumbbell bench starts high volume for warmup sets, then increases in weight to a heavy set of 4, then drops back down to a tough set of 12 on the last one.

Our accessories today are all about getting swole, so make sure you go for broke on those dips.

The farmers are meant to be tough, but not max effort, so you can take very little rest between them and the bike sprints. If you don't have a bike, hit burpees.

Wrap up the day with some MAX EFFORT empty bar curls and band pressdowns.... it will be a lot of reps, but make it tough by slowing down the movement, keeping it super strict, and not stopping at the top or the bottom.

Lets throw some comments on how our day went, and what our recovery meal will be!



Power Clean x 3

DB Bench x 12,10,8,6,4,12


Bent Rows x 10

Dips x Max


Farmers Carry x 100ft

:30 Bike Sprint


Empty Bar Curls x MAX

Pressdowns x 1:00

Ryan ParrComment