Back Squat, work to a 5RM (10,8,5,5,5)
15 Banded Paused Facepulls
3 Box Jumps

Treat the early sets for what they are, warmups. The goal today is that all out heavy set of 5. Be sure to get a good pause with those face pulls, and be explosive on the box jumps, rather than getting a taller box, just jump higher, catch it taller.


10 db hex press
10 Double DB Bent Row
10 Band Press Downs
10 Hammer Curls

Take little to no rest here, this is heavy volume muscle building work!


Sandbag Carry
Bike Sprint :20
15 Heavy KB Swings

I think it goes without saying that the sandbag should be heavy for 100ft, the bike sprint should be all out, and the swings should be heavy but done in 1 set. Perform each movement at the top of each minute, resting the remainder of the minute.


2:00 curl and press DB

Ryan Parr