Back Squat 8,6,4,3,3
Flutter Kick x 30
Prone broad jump x 3

As a Circuit, progress heavier with the back squat each round until you find a heavy set of 3 for the day, the prone jump up starts from the bottom of the pushup position, and is an explosive jump up to broad jump with a reset between reps. Take roughly 30 seconds tops between movements within each round, and no more than 1 minute between rounds to change weights.

Double KB Push Press x 6
Chin up x Max


Heavy Carry 100ft

Max Pushups

Pick anything that you can't shoulder, such as a stone, sandbag, keg, fathers carry, anything heavy and awkward. For the pushups, hold a steady cadence, be sure to hit a good lockout every rep. Rest should be non existent.


3 rounds
3 way band circuit

10 overhand pull aparts, 10 underhand, 10 band high pulls, done without breaks, slow and controlled, rest 1 minute between rounds

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