Back Squat 10,6,4,3,2,2,2,2

10 Pull Aparts after each round

The goal today on squats is to start with some volume and build to 4 sets of 2, if they’re feeling heavy, you don;t have to go up in weight, but if you’re feeling good, go ahead and hit a new 2RM for the day!


DB Clean and Jerk x 5/ side

Bear Crawl x 50ft

Go heavy on the dumbbell, this isn;t meant to be done for speed, but for execution, be sure to alternate sides every rep.

In 10 Minutes, max rounds:

Max Effort Pushups

5 Sand Bag over the shoulder

200m run

Go for broke on the pushups, the sandbag should be light enough to move fast, and sprint the run, this is meant to be conditioning, so don;t take breaks.

Ryan ParrComment