Power Clean x 3

Sled or Prowler x 100ft

Try to keep this to under 20 minutes, the power cleans should be challenging but no so heavy you have to take a few minutes rest to hit them, and the sled or prowler should be fast!


Bench/ Floor Press x 10

Max Effort Ring Rows

50 Ft Weighted Lunges

Your choice on the bench today, a bar is preferred over dumbbells, go for broke on the rows, and heavy on the lunges, weight the lunges with either a bar on your back or dumbbells at your sides.


1 Minute Max Burpees

1 Minute Max KB Swings

1 Minute Max Pull Aparts

1 Minute Plank

1 Minute Rest

Max effort, try not to set the kettle bell down, don;t stop on the pull aparts, and don;t come out of that plank!

Ryan ParrComment