Deadlift 3RM

Floor Windshield Wipers x 8/Side

Dips x Max

Take only as much time between sets as you need to increase weight, this isn’t as much about hitting a lifetime 3RM as it is hitting something heavy in the midst of other work. The windshield wipers are done on your back, arms out, legs to the sky, then slowly alternating back and forth.


Weighted Box Step Ups x 4/ Leg

Rear Delt Flyes x 15

Weight the step ups any way, dumbbell, barbell, KB, Sandbag, just make them tough.


Reverse Sled Row x 100ft

10 DB Curl and Press

20 MT Climbers

Big pulls on the sled row, be explosive, and stay super strict on the curl and press

Ryan ParrComment