Strength- 6X:

10 single DB Clean and press Alternating arms

A total of 5 reps per arm, this is meant to be a heavy and explosive component of the training. 

30 Flutter Kicks

Count reps as left plus right = 1 rep, keep chin tucked, and shoulder blades off the floor.



Accessories- 4X:

8 Double KB Front Squat

Rack kettlebells with thumbs touching collar bones, and go heavy, 

8 Double KB Floor Press

On your back, press through the feet the slightly elevate hips like a glute bridge, your points of contact should be the feet and the traps, at the bottom of the rep, triceps touch floor.


Conditioning: 5 Rounds

Heavy Sled or Prowler 100ft

If you don't have a sled or prowler, I'll take a heavy farmers carry for the day, or loop a bunch of kettle bells or dumbbells together and drag them backwards across the floor or outside, it works the same!

10 Hammer Curls and Close Grip Pushup

Grab a pair of dumbbells and hit 10 slow controlled hammer curls, then put them on the floor shoulder width apart, so palms face in, keep the elbows tucked, and hit a max reps set of pushups on them. Get that chest to the floor every rep!


Finisher- 2x

20 rear delt raises

20 side raises

20 front raises

20 strict presses

Grab a super light pair of dumbbells and hit this circuit without setting them down.... or crying.

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